Comcast Customer Service Number and 24*7 Toll Free Numbers

Comcast Customer Service Number: Comcast Corporation is an American Global Telecommunications, which the largest broadcasting and cable television company in the world on a revenue basis. Comcast Holding is the second largest pay-TV company after AT & T. It is the largest cable TV company and largest home internet service provider in the US.The company’s headquarters are located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Comcast operates over-the-air national broadcast network channels, multiple cable-only channels, the film production studio. Comcast has been criticized for multiple reasons; the company’s customer satisfaction often ranks among the lowest in the cable industry.Comcast also gives better Comcast Customer Service Number to their valuable customers.

Do you want ti to know how Comcast technical support number or Comcast customer service number Help? or How to reach Comcast Xfinity customer service.then you are at the right place. Here are some of the Comcast customer service phone numbers for different services provided by Comcast Corporation. Here we also provide you all the information and also shows how to approach the customer care services easily. Only you need to scroll down and find the tech support or service numbers relevantly or help desk numbers at your fingertips.

comcast customer service number

We may also provide you The Toll free numbers of Comcast corporation which is used widely and connects you 24*7. The customer support executives will assist you by asking random types of services and solve the issues you have faced with Comcast. You can also call them for new connections or your order related issues.Take a look below.

Comcast Customer Service Number and Xfinity Phone Number:

As I said earlier the Comcast is having so many services which are directly related to its customers. To handle all these, the help desks are set up for each and every service providing. And Comcast has provided each service by handling a contact number so that you can contact them easily. The following info helps you all the contact info of Comcast services like billing, business accounts, deals etc., Here you can also get the Xfinity Phone Number as follows

Xfinity Comcast Customer Service Number

Customer Service 800-934-6489
Technical Support 866-316-1619
New Customer Concierge 888-986-8447
Corporate Offices 215-286-1700
Deals & Packages Concierge 888-379-2546
Moving & Address Change Concierge 888-959-6783
California Customer Service 800-945-2288
Business Customer Service 877-589-8809
Business Accounts 800-391-3000
Comcast Customer Service Number /Billing/ Moving 1-800-266-2278

Xfinity Customer Service Number or Toll Free Numbers:

Comcast customer service number, Get in touch with Comcast customer service number department through the following phone numbers, social media, live chat and contact form. For more information about billing, moving home, business accounts, deals, packages and corporate offices, please call the numbers listed below details additionally.

TOLL FREE No: Call 1800-934-6489

How To Contact Comcast Xfinity Customer Service
Thank for calling Comcast, the home of Xfinity.

Your call may be recorded or monitored for training or quality purposes, Thank you. Please hold while we process your call.

  • Welcome to Comcast, the home of Xfinity. For training and quality purposes, this call may be monitored or recorded.
  • For verification purposes, if the last four numbers of your account’s phone number are, please press “1”.
  • Okay, I have your account now.Please wait, It will just take a few seconds to retrieve your information.
  • You are on the main menu.
  • If you are having trouble with your service, please press “1”.
  • For balances, payment and billing questions, please press “2”.
  • If you are moving house, please press “3”.
  • To add additional services or products, please press “4”.
  • To remove any of your services or products, please press “5”.
  • For enquiries about appointments, please press “6”.
  • For other quires, please press ‘8″.

comcast customer service phone number

Comcast Customer Service Chat
On the other hand not only contact them by calling or emails. You can also get to live chat with the customer care by using the Live chat option on the website. Follow the below given steps and live chat with Xfinity tech support executives.

  • Go to the official website of Comcast.
  • You can see the Live Chat icon just above the status bar of the website home page.
  • Click on it, type a message and send it.
  • Immediately you will get a response from the agents.
  • Get start chatting.

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Comcast Services {Updated}

  • New Customers (Small & Medium Business): Call (866) 647-6516
  • New customers (Enterprise): (866) 429-0152
  • Existing Customers Support: (800) 391-3000


  • Questions & Ordering: (866) 429 0152
  • Customer Support & care: (800) 741 4141

Business Voice Edge

  • Questions & Ordering: (866) 429 2321
  • Customer Support & care: (877) 761 7401

PRI Trunk

  • Questions & Ordering: (866) 524 7482
  • Customer Support & care: (877) 543 3961


  • Customer Support (866) 511 6489


  • Questions & Ordering: (855) 869 7188
  • Customer Support & care: (877) 229 5999

Up ware Marketplace

  • Questions & Ordering : (855) 867 5010
  • Customer Support & care : (866) 950 3789


So, Hope you all go through the above mentioned information, about Comcast Customer Service Number. You may also get tech support info alternatively on this page. We have gathered the whole information from different sources to give you the exact and valuable info about Comcast. So, thank you for your time to read this article. If you have any query regarding this article, Comment below. We may go through your question and may deliver the correct info you want for clarification. Thank You, for more information visit our Mycarenumbers at any time.

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